Planning Review: Volume 22 Issue 4


Table of contents

Making reengineering strategic

Tim R. Furey, Stephen G. Diorio

Many managers wrongly think of business process reengineering only in terms of automating paperwork to cut costs and headcount. But the methodology can also be used to…

New process/financial scorecard: A strategic performance measurement system

Strategic Measurement Systems (SMS) collect and analyze the performance information needed to manage processes and competencies that produce significant competitive…

DHC: The chemical division's balanced scorecard

Mike Vitale, Sarah C. Mavrinac, Mark Hauser

This case is real. To preserve client/consultant confidentiality, the industry has been changed and the firm disguised.

Scenarios designed to improve decision making

Norman E. Duncan, Pierre Wack

Scenarios that offer peeks at the future are intriguing, but critics complain that often they aren't much help in sorting out current decisions. The authors offer an…

Four scenarios of State Government services and regulation in the year 2010

Thomas W. Bonnett, Robert L. Olson

Imagine that someone working for your company in the year 2010 sent you a postcard that arrived in 1994. Instead of technology news or stock tips, the message described…

How to avoid misusing electronic meeting support

Michael C. Kettelhut

Group problem solving drives many initiatives that support innovative strategic management. Tools or methodologies that improve group processes—such as Group Decision…



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