Planning Review: Volume 22 Issue 3


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Learning from imagining the years ahead

Charles W. Thomas

Scenario planning has taught a few organizations to be “learning planners.” That is, to identify the crucial uncertainties of the future and learn to formulate robust…

Intentional breakdowns and conflict by design

Richard T. Pascale

Many firms have adopted one or more “radical” management remedies in a quest for breakthroughs in performance. But their goal of “discontinuous” improvements usually has…

A model for changing the way organizations learn

Robert M. Fulmer

This article provides a typology of organizational learning styles, examines how organizations really learn, offers a diagnostic managers can use on their own businesses…

The Knowledge Factory for accelerated learning practices

Aleda V. Roth, Ann S. Marucheck, Alex Kemp, Dong Trimble

The Knowledge Factory is a metaphor to describe an accelerated learning organization. World‐class manufacturers are gearing every aspect of their business, from the shop…

The initial reengineering project at Southern California Gas

Charles Goldwasser

This line manager's description of the implementation of the strategic reengineering project he is leading focuses on its startup. Here are his step‐by‐step directions for…



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