Planning Review: Volume 20 Issue 1


Table of contents

A cure for America's corporate short‐termism

Michael T. Jacobs

Short‐termism will not go away simply by thinking longer term.

How information technology can revitalize mature businesses

Stanley Davis, Bill Davidson

The core function in the information economy is shifting into distribution and delivery.

Selecting strategies that exploit leverage

Milind M. Lele

Has your company identified where to apply its strategic leverage?

Charting the dilemmas of Hanover Insurance

Charles Hampden‐Turner

The management philosophy of this highly successful firm is based on enlighted concepts of leanness, localism, openness, and rewarding merit.

TM/1‐A Relational Spreadsheet

John W. Sterling

TM/1—a “relational spreadsheet”‐facilitates complex marketing and planning modeling for strategic managers.

Part I: Satisfying internal customers: The link to external customer satisfaction

Tim R.V. Davis

In the Eighties, U.S. business learned important new skills for identifying and satisfying external customers. Inevitably, this experience led to a recognition that the…


Corporate strategies that work

Bernard C. Reimann

Here's more coverage of The Planning Forum's annual International Conference in Toronto by our diligent reporter, Professor Reimann. His synopses capture conference…



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