Planning Review: Volume 18 Issue 4


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The renewal factor: Constructive contention

Richard Tanner Pascale

Large corporations that don't tolerate contention age prematurely, the author finds. Management's conflict between strategic planning and opportunism, for example, is a…

What is leadership?

Max DePree

Feeling embattled by constructive contention? The Chairman of Herman Miller, Inc., one of America's most admired companies, illuminates the subtle art of leadership.


Six principles for revitalizing your planning

Edith Weiner

If you constantly reassess the environmental and societal context of your business plan, you can gain remarkable new insights into the future direction of your market. But…

A new rationale for organizational structure

Paul Kaestle

Corporate organizational architecture needs to be redesigned to cope with metamorphic markets and blistering competitive intensity, and to benefit from evolving…

Creating corporate success: Strategic choices

Bernard C. Reimann

The Planning Forum's Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. posted another attendance record. Some 1300 senior executives exchanged war stories, business theories, and…

Dean Thurow's “Historian of the Future” solves an economic mystery

Robert M. Randall

At TPF's annual conference, MIT professor Lester Thurow received a standing ovation for a keynote speech that confronted the central puzzle of our time: Is the U.S. doomed…



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