Planning Review: Volume 11 Issue 6


Table of contents

TRW's balancing act

John Thackray

In many ways TRW is the prototypical modern U.S. multinational. The exceptional difference is that in recent years it has wrestled with the problems of managing scale and…

Some observations on industrial policy

Lawrence Chimerine

Proposals to create a formal, comprehensive U.S. industrial policy are now receiving wide attention in Washington and in the press. Moreover, the continued relatively weak…

Introducing planning in an entrepreneurial firm: A case study

Leon Reinharth

Ten years ago John Kenneth Galbraith popularized the notion of the dual nature of the U.S. economy. A small portion of one percent of all business units in the United…

What business strategy for this recovery?

Donald McLagan, Robert Gough

Although this autumn sees the recovery of the economy well underway, the form this upswing is taking is very different from previous ones. The recession of the early 1980s…

Linking business and Human Resource strategy

Lance A. Berger, Harold E. Glass

The recent lessons of the recession have taught human resources planners to think about controlling people costs before their companies get pinched by a sluggish economy…

Systematic political analysis for planners

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

Corporate planners rarely incorporate political analysis into the planning process in the same systematic way that they include traditional business factors. Nevertheless…



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