Planning Review: Volume 11 Issue 2


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Seismic shock threatens the global village

John Thackray

The foreign relations of corporations — the business of direct investment or trade — have never been as unstable or as complex as today. Looking back at the 1960s and…

Political risk analysis for extractive industries

William D. Coplin, Michael K. O'Leary

Firms with extractive businesses abroad dread political instability and sudden government switches in business agreements in the countries in which they operate. The…

Ten requirements for acquisition success

Robert J. Terry

Last summer, in the heat of the fierce bidding battle for Conoco, press criticism of acquisitions and mergers was also heating up. Time magazine expressed some “Big Doubts…

Retailing strategies for the 1980S

Frank Willard

Retailing is a trillion‐dollar business. In 1981, department store sales alone amounted to $104 billion. However, the market is as tough as it is large, for retailing is a…

Auditing a plan’s value

Leon Reinharth, Ernest Kallman, Vicki Wulwick

Strategic planning has become an indispensable tool for management, and while its effectiveness is widely assumed, its contribution is rarely quantified. In order to…



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