Planning Review: Volume 10 Issue 6


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Evaluating your foreign business: Finally, some facts

Margaret R. Cvar

There is little doubt that a set of common factors exists to help explain American business performance. But what about foreign business? Everyone knows that European…

International risk: Six questions for the concerned executive

Donald L. Laurie

French President Mitterrand's decision to nationalize companies in targeted industries, President Reagan's recent ban on the sale of U.S.‐licensed pipeline equipment to…

International management in the1980s

Krishna Mohan

The “shape of things to come” for international management in the 1980s will be strongly influenced by events and trends linked to the 1970s. Dwindling natural resources…

The Falklands War: A setback for north‐south relations

André van Dam

The war between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands, while triggering a shock wave that reached into the far comers of the international business community…

Strategies to cope with economic volatility

Daniel A. Hodes

While the economy is showing tangible signs of improvement, one fact remains clear: today's planner must complement his knowledge of the strategic forces acting on his…



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