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Body composition and energy balance assessment of élite female athletes in the USA and Greece

Maria Hasapidou, Robin Fortin, Anthi Mastrantoni, Catherine English, Marjorie Cardwell

The purpose of this study was to determine body composition, energy balance and tendencies towards eating disorders of female competitive athletes in two countries, USA and…


Sources of nutrients in the diets of adolescent Nigerians

Clara R.B. Oguntona, Monsurat Apoyin, Anne‐Marie Olateju

The food and nutrient intake of 250 (135 male, 115 female) adolescent Nigerian high school students have been surveyed to determine the contributions of different food groups to…


Emerging issues for the next millennium

Wynnie Chan

With changes in the curriculum, science breakthroughs, consumer demands and the Government’s recent Green Paper on Our Healthier Nation, the British Nutrition Foundation’s…


Chromium in food, nutrition and health ‐ an introduction

Sandra Mutuma, Paul Amuna, Heema Shukla, Sam Sumar

Describes chromium’s importance in nutrition and health, pinpointing its sources in diets and facts about its absorption in humans. Outlines the body’s ability to store chromium…


The nutritional implications of food wastage in hospital food service management

John S.A. Edwards, Andrew H.M. Nash

While there is considerable anecdotal evidence and some research indicating poor nutritional intake and high levels of food wastage in hospitals, there have been no studies…


Metabolic interactions between zinc and essential fatty acids in the mammalian organism

Akinola O. Adisa, Adewale A. Odutuga

Zinc and essential fatty acid deficiencies manifest similar syndromes provoking investigations into the mechanisms underlying their metabolic interactions. This article presents a…


The broadening scope of food as a curriculum subject in higher education

Steve Barrass

The increasingly multidisciplinary nature of food in society has been reflected at South Bank University by the development of undergraduate courses in Food Science and…

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