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Developing the Taste for Healthy Eating

Simon Wallace

The Health Education Authority has tried to improve publicknowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards healthy eating by developingalliances with the commercial sector and local…

Organic Farming: Food for the Future?

Rob Silverstone

In recent years, modern methods of agriculture have attractedcriticism on the basis that they are no longer sustainable, and mayprejudice the health of humans and animals…

How Is Sensory Quality Measured?

Claire E.A. Seaman, Alan H. Hughes, Charles E. Hinks, Doreen A. Parry

Describes the sensory evaluation techniques which have beendeveloped and their historical perspective. Outlines the uses to whichthe different sensory tests can be put together…

Functional Behaviour of Starches

S.G. Ring

Starch is a valued structural component of many foods. Considersthe behaviour of starch as a macronutrient and as a structural componentof food materials.

Fat Substitution: Implications for the Consumer

Chris Strugnell

Focuses on fat substitutes or replacement in foods. Outlines thefunctions of fats in foods and details the characteristics of ideal fatsubstitutes. Summarizes the implications for…

Vitamin C and Immunity

The latest international research on vitamin C and its possible role in reducing the risk of cancers, heart disease and other serious ailments was presented at a conference held…


Eight Guidelines for a Healthy Diet is a very attractive full colour, A3‐size poster from Food Sense. It recommends an enjoyable diet, with a variety of different foods, including…


The National Food Survey results for January to March 1993 show that expenditure on household food was £13.03 per person per week. This was virtually unchanged from the fourth…

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