Autosplice offers new CNC direct drive retrofit kit

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Article publication date: 1 August 2000




(2000), "Autosplice offers new CNC direct drive retrofit kit", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 12 No. 2.



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Autosplice offers new CNC direct drive retrofit kit

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Autosplice is now offering a field-installable retrofit kit (Plate 8) that allows customers with earlier models of Autosplice insertion equipment to smoothly upgrade to state-of-the-art direct drive capabilities. The retrofit kits significantly extend the overall value of existing equipment investments by completely eliminating the older AC motor, pulley and wrap-spring clutch assemblies and replacing them with inherently faster, quieter, more reliable and maintainable direct drive mechanisms.

Plate 8 Direct drive CNC Retrofit from Autosplice

The primary benefits of the upgrade to direct drive are the reduction of wear on the system's internal drive components and the elimination of unnecessary motion. With direct drive technology, the insertion machine's motor only has to move when it is engaged by the operator; rather than being constantly in motion and periodically engaged through a clutching action. This delivers a much quieter, more efficient and faster insertion process, while also improving safety and conserving power usage.

In addition to reducing internal wear and improving MTBF, the direct drive retrofit also improves overall productivity by streamlining the machine setup process. With direct drive, the operator can easily set up and precisely review the machine's positioning simply by incrementally jogging the system through partial cycles. With previous clutch drive systems, the machine's motor would have to be shut down and the setup positioning actions carried out manually.

The direct drive retrofit kit is initially being offered for larger 18" x 18" systems and can be installed in the field by a factory trained service technician, typically in less than a single working day from start to finish. According to Gene Striebel, Autosplice Machine service manager, "The CNC direct drive retrofit provides a very cost-effective enhancement for existing customers who are inserting high volumes of interconnects. Not only does it greatly extend the value of their existing investment, it also significantly improves operator productivity and overall production line throughput."

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