First-ever zoom emission microscope combines speed and sensitivity

Microelectronics International

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Article publication date: 1 August 1999




(1999), "First-ever zoom emission microscope combines speed and sensitivity", Microelectronics International, Vol. 16 No. 2.



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First-ever zoom emission microscope combines speed and sensitivity

First-ever zoom emission microscope combines speed and sensitivity

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An all-new rolling emission microscope system that can make complete emission images to find functional failures and be moved to the next test head immediately has been introduced by Hypervision Inc.

Named the PTF1, the wheeled system requires less than ten minutes to make both emission and illuminated images at a test head including travel time and making three cable connections (Plate 2). The system was designed for ease of movement because available time at test heads and ATE equipment is often limited.

Additional speed comes from the industry's first zoom optics system on an emission microscope. Parfocal zooming from the lowest magnification (6×) to the highest (420×) is accomplished simply by hitting the control button four times. The system's zoom optics train extends to 26in. to accommodate even the thickest test heads.

Plate 2DEMI PTF1 ring illuminator on test head

The PTF1's camera is Hypervision's well-known CCD 1.3 series camera, a Class 1 scientific grade binnable sensor with timed integration. This camera has the highest available pixel count for emission detection. Its extraordinary sensitivity is especially important when imaging weak emissions from functional failures. On-board image subtraction software lets users locate functional failures even on wafers and devices having naturally emitting features.

For more information about the PTF1, contact Daniel T. Hurley, vice president, Hypervision Inc., 46560 Fremont Blvd., Suite 415, Fremont, CA 94538 USA. Tel: +1 (510)651 7768; Fax: +1 (510)651 1415; E-mail:

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