Güdel launches low temperature multi-axis gantry handling systems range

Industrial Robot

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Article publication date: 1 December 2004




(2004), "Güdel launches low temperature multi-axis gantry handling systems range", Industrial Robot, Vol. 31 No. 6. https://doi.org/10.1108/ir.2004.04931faf.001



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Güdel launches low temperature multi-axis gantry handling systems range

Güdel launches low temperature multi-axis gantry handling systems range

Keywords: Robots, Refrigeration

Precision work handling specialist, Güdel UK has extended the capabilities of its standard single, twin and three-axis gantry positioning systems to suit low temperature operating environments, such as those found in cold stores, pharmaceutical production, food manufacture, warehousing and logistics applications.

The new equipment features the use of corrosion resistant materials, special purpose coatings and food compatible lubricants that are suitable for use down to -30°C as standard. In addition, Güdel is currently developing units capable of operating at -80°C.

The latest gantry systems mirror the capabilities of Güdel's standard range products, by providing fast and accurate positioning of loads up to several tonnes – with an absolute positional accuracy of (±0.1 mm over runs of up to 120 m.

Ultra-smooth operation is backed by maximum component traverse speeds of 10 m/s, and accelerations of up to 20 m/s2, making the new units particularly suitable for high speed handling or sampling operations in the food processing or pharmaceutical sectors. The low temperature gantry systems are also available with industry- standard control systems, to provide operational flexibility and versatility, as well as simple integration into automated manufacturing cells.

Güdel's three-axis gantry modules are available in both portal (FP) configuration or cantilever (CP) form with long reach overhangs for restricted access applications. Additionally, all models can be equipped with a variety of rotary indexing heads to meet specific operational requirements.

For further information, please contact: Gary Ottley at Güdel UK Ltd. Tel: 024 7669 5444; Web site: www.gudel.com

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