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Business, Society and Politics

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Publication date: 29 November 2012

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(2012), "List of Contributors", Hadjikhani, A., Elg, U. and Ghauri, P. (Ed.) Business, Society and Politics (International Business and Management, Vol. 28), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. ix-xi.



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Business, Society and Politics
International Business and Management
International Business and Management
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The Three Pillars: Business, State and Society: MNCs in Emerging Markets
Creating Socially Responsible Value Chains: Role of Companies, Governments and NGOs
Activating Stakeholders: An Approach by MNCs in Emerging Markets
Political Strategies as a Response to Public and Private Stakeholder Pressures
Market Communication as Socio-Political Activity in Emerging Markets
Between Neighbours’ Heat and Colonial Ties’ Comfort: Does Distance Really Matter?
Managing Political Actors Through Network Partners: Market-Driving Multinationals in Emerging Markets
The Importance of Nurturing Political Connections for Emerging Multinationals: Evidence from Brazil
Internationalization of Swedish Banks in Russia and the Impact of Political Environment
National Governments and Power Relationships in Multinational Companies: The Case of the EADS Group
Business and Political Interactions in Emerging Markets: Experiences from China, South Africa and Turkey
The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Foreign Market Entry Process — The Case of Korean MNCs in the Chinese Electronics Industry
Co-operating to Tackle Environmental Issues in Emerging Markets: The Case of a Partnership Between a Finnish NGO and a Russian Water Utility
Innovation Through Business and NGO Co-operation: The Case of Digital Inclusion in the Amazon
Tracking the Aftermath of a Corporate Scandal from a Network Perspective: The Case of Roche in Turkey
Intersection of Roles Between States and Multinationals in Emerging Markets