Sexual and Gender Minority Health

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Publication date: 15 January 2021


(2021), "Prelims", LeBlanc, A.J. and Perry, B.L. (Ed.) Sexual and Gender Minority Health (Advances in Medical Sociology, Vol. 21), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. i-xii.



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Sexual and Gender Minority Health

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Advances in Medical Sociology

Series Editor: Brea L. Perry

Series editor for volumes 5–6: Gary L. Albrecht
Series editor for volumes 7–8: Judith A. Levy
Series editor for volumes 9–15: Barbara Katz Rothman

Previously published titles:

Volume 5: Quality of Life in Health Care – Edited by Ray Fitzpatrick
Volume 6: Case and Care Management – Edited by Gary L. Albrecht
Volume 7: Emergent Issues in the Field of Drug Abuse – Edited by Judith A. Levy, Richard C. Stephens, and Duane C. McBride
Volume 8: Social Networks and Health – Edited by Bernice A. Pescosolido and Judith A. Levy
Volume 9: Bioethical Issues, Sociological Perspectives – Edited by Barbara K. Rothman, Elizabeth M. Armstrong and Rebecca Tiger
Volume 10: Patients, Consumers and Civil Society – Edited by Susan M. Chambré and Melinda Goldner
Volume 11: Understanding Emerging Epidemics: Social and Political Approaches – Edited by Ananya Mukherjea
Volume 12: Sociology of Diagnosis – Edited by PJ McGann and David J. Hutson
Volume 13: Sociological Reflections on the Neurosciences – Edited by Martyn Pickersgill and Ira van Keulen
Volume 14: Critical Perspectives on Addiction – Edited by Julie Netherland
Volume 15: Ecological Health: Society, Ecology and Health – Edited by Maya Gislason
Volume 16: Genetics, Health and Society – Edited by Brea L. Perry
Volume 17: 50 Years After Deinstitutionalization: Mental Illness in Contemporary Communities – Edited by Brea L. Perry
Volume 18: Food Systems and Health – Edited by Sara Shostak
Volume 19: Immigration and Health – Edited by Reanne Frank
Volume 20: Reproduction, Health, and Medicine – Edited by Elizabeth Mitchell Armstrong, Susan Markens, and Miranda R. Waggoner

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Advances in Medical Sociology Volume 21

Sexual and Gender Minority Health

Edited by

Allen J. LeBlanc

San Francisco State University, USA.

Brea L. Perry

Indiana University, USA.

United Kingdom – North America – Japan India – Malaysia – China

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Grayson Bodenheimer Indiana University
Caleb Cooley Washington State University
Ana María del Río-González The George Washington University
Justin T. Denney Washington State University
Carrie Elliott Syracuse University
Bridget K. Gorman Rice University
Debra Guckenheimer California State University, East Bay
Jessica Herling Virginia Tech University
Griffin Lacy University at Albany, State University of New York
Allen J. LeBlanc San Francisco State University
Cristiana Little American University
Andrew S. London Syracuse University
Sonja Mackenzie Santa Clara University
Emily S. Mann University of South Carolina
Christopher Norton American University
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Jennifer Pearson Wichita State University
Brea L. Perry Indiana University
Laura Rapoport American University
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Russell Spiker Vanderbilt University
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Rebecca Wang Syracuse University
Tre Wentling University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Lindsey Wilkinson Portland State University
Jamie Lyn Wooley-Snider Wichita State University
Thespina J. Yamanis American University
Zhe Zhang Rice University

Research on Sexual and Gender Minority Health: Historical Developments and Future Directions
Part I Health Disparities: Risk Factors, Minority Stress, and Intersectionality
Sexual and Gender Minority Health: Toward a More Complete Accounting of Social Class
Substance Use, Mental Well-being, and Suicide Ideation by Sexual Orientation among US Adults
State-level Policy, School Victimization, and Suicide Risk among Sexual Minority Youth
Understanding Fear of Deportation and Its Impact on Healthcare Access among Immigrant Latinx Men Who Have Sex with Men
Part II Resilience and Resistance: Identity, Social Relationships, and Community
Social Biographies and Health Among Sexual and Gender Minority People
Life Course Transitions, Personal Networks, and Social Support for LGBTQ+ Elders: Implications for Physical and Mental Health
Experiences of Gender and Sexual Minority Stress Among LGBTQ Families: The Role of Community Resilience and Minority Coping
Resisting and Reframing Explanations for “Lesbian Obesity”: LBTQA+ Young Women's Narratives of Sexual Identity as a Protective Factor
Part III The Role of Institutions: Healthcare and Social Service Systems
How Healthcare Providers Hold Trans Patients Accountable to Medical Authority
“Every Now and Then I Get Flagged for a Pap Smear”: Gender Transition, Embodiment, and “Sex-Specific” Cancer Screenings
“Oh You Should Talk to…”: The Implementation of LGBTQ Health Curricula in Medical Education
“What Are We Going to Do with a Penis in the Room?”: Rape Crisis Centers and Treatment of Transgender Survivors