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Identifying and modeling the antecedents of counterproductive knowledge behavior: a three-study analysis

Yasha Afshar-Jalili (Department of Psychology, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran)
Helena D. Cooper-Thomas (Department of Management, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand)
Mahshad Fatholahian (KM Department Oil Industries Commissioning and Operation Company, Tehran, Iran)

Journal of Knowledge Management

ISSN: 1367-3270

Article publication date: 30 November 2020

Issue publication date: 21 June 2021




This study aims to identify and classify the range of antecedents of counterproductive knowledge behavior (CKB) to provide a better understanding of their implications for addressing CKB.


The study includes three studies. Using meta-analysis (Study 1) and meta-synthesis (Study 2), the authors reviewed extant primary quantitative and qualitative studies to aggregate information on the antecedents of CKB identified to date. In Study 3, these antecedents were modeled schematically by using the matrix of cross-impact multiplications (MICMAC) analysis.


The meta-analysis and meta-synthesis (Studies 1 and 2) yielded 28 antecedents of CKB. These were categorized into five groups of characteristics, relating to the workplace, leadership, interpersonal, individual differences and knowledge. Then, in Study 3, the antecedents were categorized according to their interrelatedness and strength of effects (using four quadrants comprising autonomous, dependence, driving and linkage factors).


This study takes an integrative approach to the CKB literature, both by aggregating underlying constructs (knowledge hoarding, hiding, etc.) and in aggregating quantitative and qualitative literature. This prevents silos and integrates knowledge across a range of CKB studies. Besides, the authors reveal the relative role of antecedents by modeling them.



The authors would like to whole-heartedly dedicate this study to health-care workers fighting Covid-19, even going so far as to give their lives to save others. Besides, the authors acknowledge all the field experts participating in this research.


Afshar-Jalili, Y., Cooper-Thomas, H.D. and Fatholahian, M. (2021), "Identifying and modeling the antecedents of counterproductive knowledge behavior: a three-study analysis", Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 25 No. 5, pp. 1362-1386.



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