Crowd-Sourced Syllabus

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Publication date: 4 December 2020


McRae, L. (2020), "Prelims", Crowd-Sourced Syllabus, Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. i-xi.



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Crowd-Sourced Syllabus

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Crowd-Sourced Syllabus

A Curriculum for Resistance


Leanne McRae

United Kingdom – North America – Japan – India Malaysia – China

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© 2021 Leanne McRae. Published under exclusive licence by Emerald Publishing Limited

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For Steve Redhead – a mentor and all-round excellent human being

About the Author

Leanne McRae is an independent scholar who has spent 17 years within the higher education sector as a lecturer, course co-ordinator and tutor. She now works independently to pursue research interests spanning cultural studies, critical disability studies, popular cultural studies, criminology, physical cultural studies, surveillance, and deviant leisure. Her first book published by Emerald in 2018 is entitled Terror, Leisure and Consumption: Spaces for Harm in a Post-Crash Era. Leanne is currently working on her third book with Tara Brabazon and Steve Redhead entitled Moving on Up: Physical Cultural Studies. A fourth book is also in production entitled Secrecy, Surveillance and the State: Defining Crime, Managing Harm, and Protecting Privacy for Rowman & Littlefield.


This book was difficult to write, coming together through trying times. My sincere thanks for helping me through this experience must go firstly to Tara Brabazon who instilled in me a rigorous approach to both teaching and scholarship. My interest in education and digitisation has been shaped by her influence. I am incredibly grateful to Katie Ellis for her patience and support. I could not ask for a better boss. I am indebted to Antonio Cerrone for his tolerance of my regular disappearance upstairs to work. I must also acknowledge Steve Hall whose indulgence of an intellectual tourist dabbling in his field was borne with good humour and has unfurled new pathways for investigation. Many thanks also to Emerald for their enduring forbearance.