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Social Ecology in Holistic Leadership

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Publication date: 24 February 2021


Lemcke, E. (2021), "References", Social Ecology in Holistic Leadership, Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 251-256.



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This list contains an overview of the literature that has been used. I would like to point out that not all books in this overview have been translated into English. Some of the reference books exist only in German, Swedish, Dutch or Danish.

As written in the introduction to A2: Anthroposophical spiritual terminology, Rudolf Steiner has given more than 6,000 lectures and written 28 books in 1883–1925 and all have been translated to many different languages at different times. Based on this, it can be challenging to find a specific publication in a specific language. Rudolf Steiner lectures and books are originally given and written in German. The Center for Anthroposophy in Goetheanum has completed a register of his work based on GA numbers (GA stands for Gesamt Ausgabe): There is an English overview and search possibility in Rudolf Steiner Archive and E.lib:

The list of literature by Rudolf Steiner begins with one of the English titles followed by information on the publisher, GA-number, the German title, and the first year the book was published in German.

The references in this book have Steiner's name, the year the book was published in German, and the GA-number e.g., Steiner (1904, GA 12). This makes it possible for you at any time to find the original text, no matter title, language, and date of publication.


The list of literature is organized into three parts

R1. Literature concerning the Lievegoed Impulse, Social Ecology or the NPI methods.

R2. Literature by other authors who are not directly in relation to the Lievegoed Impulse, Social Ecology or the NPI methods.

R3. A short list of anthroposophical literature.

R1 Literature Which Has Been Written About the Lievegoed Impulse, Social Ecology or the NPI Methods

Bekman Adriaan

The horizontal leadership book, 2010. Published by Alert-Verlag, Berlin, Germany.

The art of conscious living – Individual and community – A new path to higher consciousness, 2009. Published by Alert-Verlag, Berlin, Germany.

Bos Lex

Forming judgements – A path to inner freedom, 2005. Published by Ankerhus, Denmark. Originally published in Holland, Oordeelsvorming, een weg naar innerlijke vrijheid , 2003.

Judgement-formation in groups – The importance of polarity and rhythm for the development of social organisms, 2014. Published by Stichting Dialoog, (a translation of the two most important parts of Lex Bos's thesis Oordeelsvorming in groepen).

Ein Lebensbild – Form kann freiheit schaffen, 2005. Published by Flensburger Hefte 89, Germany.

Zwölf Drachen im Kampf gegen soziale Initiativen, 2016. Published by Verlag am Goetheanum, Switzerland. English extract and summary in Christoffer Schaefer and Tÿno Voors, Vision in action , 1996: 86-101. Originally from a lecture by Lex Bos November 24, 1978.

Brodal Hans and Nilsson Leif

SEA articles and seminars. 1975–84. Published by SEA (Social Ecology Associates) in Swedish based on early NPI materials. Published only in Swedish).

Konflikter – Vad vill de läre oss? 1996. Published by Balders Forlag, Järna, Sweden. (Conflicts – what do they want to teach us? Title translated by Lemcke – published only in Swedish).

Bächtold Susanne and Supersaxo Katja (eds)

Dynamische Urteilsbildung – Urteilen und handelen mit der Lemniskate – Ein Handbuch für die Praxis, 2005. Published by Haupt Berne, Switzerland (A collection of articles by practitioners on how to use the Lemniscate. Only published in German). In the book an article by Erik Lemcke: Ein konfliktlösungs-und Organisationsentwicklungsprozess an einer Universität . (A conflict resolution and organizational development process in a university. Title translated by Lemcke).

Glasl Friedrich and Lievegoed Bernard

Udviklingsledelse, 1997. Published by Ankerhus, Denmark. (The references are based on the Danish version of the original book by Glasl and Lievegoed: Dynamische unternehmensentwicklung , 1993. Published by Freies Geistes Leben, Stuttgart, Germany (an important work which extracts the essence of Lievegoed's book, The Developing Organization , which puts the Lievegoed methods into a systemic perspective).

Glasl Friedrich

Confronting conflict – A first-aid kit for handling conflict, 1999. Published by Hawthorn Press, Stroud, UK Originally published in German: Selbsthilfe in Konflikten , 1997 by Feies Geistes Leben (a very fine book about the basic principles and challenges in conflict resolution).

Konfliktmanagement, 1992. Published by Freies Geistesleben, Stuttgart, Germany (a book in conflict resolution written in German for professional conflict mediators).

The enterprise of the future – How companies develop – Moral intuition in leadership and organizational development, 1997. Published by Hawthorn press. Originally published by Freies Geistesleben, Stuttgart, Germany: Das Unternehmen der Zukunft , 1994.

Lievegoed Bernard

The developing organization, 1973. Published by Celestial Arts, California. Originally published in Holland under the title Organisaties in ontwikkeling , 1969 by Lemniscaat Publishers, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Phases: The spiritual rhythms of adult life, 1979. Published by Pharos Books, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, 1998. First published in Holland: De levensloop van de mens, 1976. Published by Lemniscaat, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Man on the Threshold – The challenge of inner development, 1985. Published by Hawthorn Press, Stroud, UK Translated from Dutch: Mens op de Drempel, 1983. Published by Vrij Geestesleven, Zeist, Netherlands.

Developing communities, 1991. Published by Hawthorn Press, Stroud, UK Comprising: Forming curative communities, 1978. Published by Rudolf Steiner Press, London, and The organizing of cultural institutes, 1988. Published by Zeist, Netherlands.

Large Martin

Social Ecology – Exploring post-industrial society, 1981. Published by the author, Gloucester, UK.

Large Martin and Briault Steve (eds)

Free, Equal and Mutual – Rebalancing society for the common good, 2018. Published by Hawthorn Press, Stroud, UK.

Locher Kees and Brug Jos van der

Work Way – Seven stars to steer by – How to build an enterprising Life, 1997 Published by Hawthorn Press, Stroud, UK.

Originally published in Holland, Ondernemen in de levensloop, 1995 by Vrij Geestesleven, Zeist, Holland.

Hardardóttir Sigrun

Know yourself – Improve your teamwork, 1998. Published by the author.

Schaefer Christopher and Voors Tÿno

Vision in action – Working with soul and spirit in small organizations, 1996. Published by Hawthorn Press, Stroud, UK.

R2 Literature by Others Who Are Not Directly in Relation to the Lievegoed Impulse, Social Ecology or the NPI Methods

Brown Juanita with Isaacs David

The World Café – Shaping our futures through conversations that matter, 2005. Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco, USA.


The art of active listening (PDF). Office of the Commissioner, United Nations Human Rights. Article published 2012-12-02, retrieved on the internet.

Harrison Owen

Open space technology: A user's guide, 2008. Published by Berret-Koehler Publishers, San Francisco, USA.

Pedler Mike, Burgoyne John and Boydell Tom

The learning company – A strategy for sustainable development, 1991. Published by Mcgraw-Hill Book Company, London, UK.

Perlas Nicanor

Shaping globalization – Civil society, cultural power and threefolding, 2000. Published by Cadi and GlobeNet3, Philippines.

Scharmer C. Otto

Theory U – Leading from the future as it emerges. The social technology of presencing, 2007. Published by Cambridge, Massachusetts (one of the most interesting books today focusing on many of the same issues as Social Ecology).

Scharmer Otto and Kaufer Katrin

Leading from the emerging future – From ego-system to eco-system economies – Applying Theory U to transforming business, society, and self, 2013. Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc, San Francisco, USA.

Schumpeter Joseph

The theory of economic development, 1934. Published by Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Scott Cynthia, Jaffe Dennis and Tobe Glenn

Organizational vision, values, and mission – Building the organization of tomorrow, 1993. Published by Crisp Publications Inc, California, USA.

Senge Peter

The fifth discipline – The art and practice of the learning organization, 1990. Published by Doubleday, USA.

Senge Peter, Scharmer C. Otto, Jaworski Joseph and Flowers Betty

Presence – Exploring profound change in people, organizations, and society, 2005. Published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing, London, UK.

Zajonc Arthur

Meditation as contemplative inquiry – When knowing becomes love, 2009. Published by Lindisfarne Books, Massachusetts, USA.

R3 A Short List of Anthroposophical Literature

Steiner Rudolf

Goethean science. Published by Mercury Press. GA 1: Einleitungen zu Goethes Naturwissenschaftlichen Schriften, 1883–1897.

Theosophy: An introduction to the spiritual processes in human life and in the cosmos. Published by Anthroposophic Press, New York. GA 9: Wie erlangt man Erkenntnisse der höheren Welten? 1904–1905.

Knowledge of the higher worlds and its attainment. Published by Anthroposophic Press, New York. GA 10: Wie erlangt man Erkenntnisse der höheren Welten, 1904–1905.

Occult science – An outline. Published by Rudolf Steiner Press. GA 13: Die Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss, 1910.

The social future. Published by Anthroposophic Press, Spring Valley, New York. GA 23: Die Kernpunkte der sozialen Frage in den Lebensnotwendigkeiten der Gegenwart und Zukunft, 1919–1920.

Anthroposophical leading thoughts – What is revealed when one looks back into former lives between death and a new birth (parts 1 and 2). Published by Rudolf Steiner Press. GA 26: Anthroposophische Leitsätze. Der Erkenntnisweg der Anthroposophie. Das Michael-Mysterium, 1924–1925.

Anthroposophy and the social question. Published by Kessinger Publishing, Montana, USA GA 34: Originally published in Lucifer-Gnosis: Grundlegende Aufsätze zur Anthroposophie und Berichte aus den Zeitschriften « Luzifer » und « Lucifer-Gnosis », October 1905–1906: Geisteswissenschaft und soziale Frage, 1919.

The four temperaments. Published by Rudolf Steiner Press, Forest Row, UK GA 57: Wo und wie findet Man den Geist? 1908–1909.

The influence of spiritual beings of Man. Literary Licensing, Montana. GA 102: Das Hereinwirken geistiger Wesenheiten in den Menschen, 1908.

The mission of folk-souls – In connection with Germanic-Scandinavian mythology. Published by Rudolf Steiner Press, Forest Row, UK GA 121: Die Mission einzelner Volksseelen im Zusammenhang mit der germanisch-nordischen Mythologie, 1910.

Mission of the archangel Michael – The revelation of the secrets of man's being. Published by Anthroposophic Press, New York. GA 194/GA 174a: Die Sendung Michaels – Die offenbarung der eigentlichen Geheimnisse des Menschenwesen, 1919.

Anweisungen für eine esoterische Schulung. Published by Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach, Switzerland. GA 245: Anweisungen für eine esoterische Schulung. Aus den Inhalten der « Esoterischen Schule » 1903–1913. GA 264: Zur Geschichte und aus den Inhalten der ersten Abteilung der Esoterischen Schule 1904–1914.

O'Leary Paul (ed)

The interior of the earth – An esoteric study of the subterranean spheres. Paul V. O'Leary (ed), 2006 (from the work of Rudolf Steiner). Published by Rudolf Steiner Press, Hillside, UK.

Wegman Ita

On the work of Archangel Michael, from Anthroposophy, a quarterly review of spiritual science, no. 3, Michaelmas 1930, volume 5.

Prokofeiff Sergie

The heavenly Sophia and the being Anthroposophia, 1996. Published by Temple Lodge Publishing, London, UK.

The occult significance of forgiveness, 1991. Published by Temple Lodge Publishing, London. German edition: Die okkulte Bedeutung des Verzeihens, 1991. Published by Freies Geistesleben.

The 12 holy nights and the spiritual hierarchies, 1993. Published by Temple Lodge Publishing, London.

Tomberg Valentin

The course of the Lord's prayer, volumes I–IV, 2015. Published by Aacchamoth Verlag, Taiserdorf, Germany. German edition: Vaterunser-Kurs, teil I–IV, 2008. Published by Achamoth Verlag.

Seiss Willy

Chakra-Werk, Serie 1–37, 1991–2007. Published by Achamoth Verlag, Taiserdorf, Germany.

Brahm Jan

Den kristologiske skolingsvej – En skitse over dens første stadier, 2013. Published by Theophilus Forlag, Børkop, Denmark (The Christological path of schooling (title translated by Lemcke) – published only in Danish).