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Crowdfunding Legal Framework: An International Analysis

International Perspectives on Crowdfunding

ISBN: 978-1-78560-315-0, eISBN: 978-1-78560-314-3

Publication date: 20 July 2016


Even if crowdfunding is now practiced on all continents, not all countries have reached the same stage in creating a legal framework. The countries based on common law were the first to practice crowdfunding and have, for the majority of them, already regulated the use of crowdfunding. On continental Europe, the countries experienced a later development of crowdfunding but they nevertheless wished to be at the forefront of crowdfunding legislation. The purpose of this chapter is to present the main legislation or projects related to crowdfunding seeking to compare, as far as possible, the different legal frameworks together.



Juredieu, F. and Mayoux, S. (2016), "Crowdfunding Legal Framework: An International Analysis ", Méric, J., Maque, I. and Brabet, J. (Ed.) International Perspectives on Crowdfunding, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 81-97.



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