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Publication date: 1 February 1995

Richard A. Siegel, Sten‐Olof Hansén and Lars H. Pellas

Discusses a new methodology for launching or expanding thecommercialization of new under‐utilized technologies. The approachdiscussed involves the active participation of…



Discusses a new methodology for launching or expanding the commercialization of new under‐utilized technologies. The approach discussed involves the active participation of international industrial opinion leaders in the commercial development process, and the role they can play in: assessing the value and uniqueness of a technology, on a regional or global basis; determining those applications and end uses that address significant market needs and possess the greatest business potential for initial or expanded commercialization; and providing access to industry leading, prospective end‐users and joint development partners to accelerate commercialization of the technology in domestic and/or international markets. Includes several case histories for Accelerated Commercialization – the methodology practised by SICO International Technologies, Inc. – involving highly diverse industries and technologies. Also includes a brief history of the evolution of the process of idea generation into the described methodology for technology commercialization.


Industrial Management & Data Systems, vol. 95 no. 1
Type: Research Article
ISSN: 0263-5577


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