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Understanding political influences on Southeast Asia's development experience

Dwight Perkins

The per capita GDP of the countries of Southeast Asia (SEA) varies from less than $5,000 to over $97,000. This paper aims to analyze the political factors behind such variation…


Does wage bonus positively impact the economy?

Cuong Le-Van, Nguyen To-The

Total factor productivity (TFP), for a country and for a firm as well, is a crucial element for economic growth by inducing high output. Actually, workers' effort is among the…


Vietnam’s currency management: theory, practice and reality

David Dapice

The purpose of this paper is to explain why Vietnam has been charged as a currency manipulator by the USA, and why those charges are less than conclusive, as of May 2021, no…


Subjective satisfaction and objective electricity poverty reduction in Vietnam, 2008–2018

Minh Ha-Duong, Hoai-Son Nguyen

The authors estimate the reduction of electricity poverty in Vietnam. The essential argument is that human development is about subjective feeling as much as technology and income.


Budget deficits, money growth and inflation: empirical evidence from Vietnam

Hoang Van Khieu

This paper aims to uncover the nexus between budget deficits, money growth and inflation in Vietnam in the period 1995–2012.


Tackling self-employment in the informal sector in Europe: evaluating trust-building strategies

Colin Williams, Jan Windebank

The aim of this paper is to evaluate contrasting ways of tackling self-employment in the informal sector. Conventionally, the participation of the self-employed in the informal…


A prospective policy transfer of learning from abroad in funding long-term care in England

Martin Powell

This article explores to what extent the long debate in England over the funding of long-term care (LTC) has involved learning from abroad.

Contraceptive prevalence and factors influencing utilization among women in Pakistan: a focus on gender-based violence

Thao Thi Nguyen, Sarah Neal

In this study, the authors determined the prevalence of contraceptive use among Pakistani women and assessed factors influencing the utilization of contraception with a particular…

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