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Goatboy soaps: From itch to concept to execution

Lisa Agee, Rick Agee

Lisa and Rick Agee of New Milford, Connecticut, are in their second full year of trying to turn their lifelong dream of being financially independent from corporate life into a…

A system dynamics approach to assessing public policy impact on the sustainable growth rate of new ventures

Jeff Trailer, Kuau Garsson

The growth of firms is fundamentally based on selfreinforcing feedback loops, one of the most important of which involves cash flow.When profit margin is positive, sales generate…


Does my business need a human resources function? a decision–making model for small and medium-sized firms

Golbou Ghassemieh, Liz Thach, Armand Gilinsky

The questions of when and what types of human resource (HR) support are needed tend to be unanswerable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This article addresses this…


Collecting oral histories for entrepreneurship research

Brian McKenzie

Oral history collections can offer a wealth of detailed information for entrepreneurship researchers. The stories that entrepreneurs tell provide researchers with insight into…


Entrepreneurship as expectations management

Steven E. Phelan

Entrepreneurial profits flow from differences in expectations between buyers and sellers regarding the future value of resources. This article investigates whether differences in…


Preparing your business for valuation

Margaret D. Nowicki, Eric E. Lewis, Jeffrey W. Lippitt

There is a tremendous need for the valuation of small businesses. Oftentimes, small businessowners do not have the wherewithal to gather the data and keep it up to date for use in…


Creating a new program in entrepreneurship education: A case study in colombia

Kirk C. Heriot, Noel D. Campbell

Entrepreneurship has been widely recognized as having greatly influenced the United States. Its influence has especially been documented over the past 20 years. Paralleling our…


Everything you always wanted to know about ipos* *Abut were afraid to ask

Joseph E. Levangie

Many entrepreneurs want to reach high to the heavens to achieve unlimited success. These hardworking, often underappreciated, venturers often crave fame and fortune as they strive…

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