RAUSP Management Journal: Volume 56 Issue 4 , Open Access


Table of contents

Personnel needs assessment in times of crisis: a focus on management of disasters

Yamini Meduri

This study aims to explain the importance of human resources and attempts to identify the competencies required by the personnel involved in disaster management operations.


Intangible assets and business performance in Latin America

Fernanda Cristina Lopes, Luciana Carvalho

The intangible assets of a company have been presented by national and international surveys as a resource to influence the creation of value and the increase in organizational…


Property rights and reputation in the dairy agro-industrial system

Carolina Andrea Gómez Winkler Sudré, José Paulo de Souza, Melise Dantas Machado Bouroullec

The purpose of this study is to understand the effect of governance structure alignment, property rights protection, and reputation in generating efficiency in dairy…

Political and financial background in board interlocking and earnings management in Brazil

Cristian Baú Dal Magro, Roberto Carlos Klann

Although board interlocking underlying forces are largely hidden, the purpose of this paper is to provide managers, auditors, analysts, regulators and other stakeholders with…

Developing rightly culture on TQM - evidence from SMEs in the context of emerging economy

Abdullahi Hassan Gorondutse, Gamal Abdualmajed Ali, Haim Hilman

Total quality management (TQM) must include orientation towards quality awareness in the overall organisational processes in a firm. A successful TQM needs a supportive culture…