RAUSP Management Journal: Volume 54 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

An entrepreneurial career impacts on job and family satisfaction

Luciana Padovez-Cualheta, Candido Borges, Altair Camargo, Lucas Tavares

This paper aims to identify if entrepreneurship as a career option is related to job satisfaction and family satisfaction by comparing entrepreneurs with non-entrepreneurs. To do…


Team effectiveness: the predictive role of team identity

Daniela Pinheiro dos Reis, Katia Puente-Palacios

The purpose of this study was to identify the explanatory power of the affective, cognitive and evaluative aspects of identity with work teams in predicting team effectiveness…


Gender influence, social responsibility and governance in performance

Andreia Carpes Dani, Jaime Dagostim Picolo, Roberto Carlos Klann

This paper aims to analyze the influence of gender diversity on the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate governance (CG) and economic and…


Antecedents and consequences of impulse buying: a meta-analytic study

Fernando De Oliveira Santini, Wagner Junior Ladeira, Valter Afonso Vieira, Clécio Falcão Araujo, Claudio Hoffmann Sampaio

The purpose of this paper is to propose a framework to distinguish between various types of antecedents and consequences of impulse buying. The authors tested it using a…


Impact of supply chain on the competitiveness of the automotive industry

Carlos Sakuramoto, Luiz Carlos Di Serio, Alexandre de Vicente Bittar

There is a great reliance on fiscal incentives to sustain the automotive industry competitiveness due to several structural problems, among them the inefficiency of the supply…


Greenwashing effect, attitudes, and beliefs in green consumption

Sergio Braga Junior, Marta Pagán Martínez, Caroline Miranda Correa, Rosamaria Cox Moura-Leite, Dirceu Da Silva

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the perception of the influence of greenwashing and of attitudes and beliefs in the decisions of purchase of green products in the retail.