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Managing the COVID-19 crisis: coping and post-recovery strategies for hospitality and tourism businesses in Ghana

Frederick Dayour, Charles Atanga Adongo, Francis Eric Amuquandoh, Issahaku Adam

Hospitality and tourism researchers are yet to provide evidence of actual crisis management amongst small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially from a resource-scarce…


Structural analysis of the development of the Iranian tourism market employing a MICMAC approach: a new long-range planning method to attract the ASEAN international tourist market

Mohammad Nematpour, Masood Khodadadi, Nasser Rezaei, Sarasadat Makian

As tourism development is an unquestionable part of every national growth policy, this study aims to introduce an integrated method employing MICMAC analysis for understanding the…

Exploring visit intention to India for medical tourism using an extended theory of planned behaviour

Ajitabh Dash

The purpose of this paper is to identify the factors influencing the visit intention of medical tourists to India. This study also attempts to extend the theory of planned…

Substitutability of hotels and peer-to-peer accommodations in Shanghai

Marek Hudik

This paper aims to determine to what extent hotels and peer-to-peer (P2P) facilities are substitutes for travelers. It then examines whether hotels target business travelers and…

Are online food delivery systems persuasive? The impact of pictures and calorie information on consumer behavior

Nefike Gunden, Cristian Morosan, Agnes DeFranco

The study's purpose was to examine the role of two main factors in the design of online food delivery systems (OFDS) user interfaces: the display of pictures and calories – on…


Hospitality as differentiated services in Brazilian private hospitals

Christiano Quinan, Bento Alves Costa Filho

The objective of this study is to assess the role of differentiated hospitality services considering the perspective of Brazilian accredited private hospitals.

Mediating effect of tourists’ emotional involvement on the relationship between destination attributes and tourist satisfaction

Chhanda Biswas, Santus Kumar Deb, Abdulla Al-Towfiq Hasan, Md. Shariful Alam Khandakar

The study aims to examine the relationship between destination attributes and tourist satisfaction as well as the extent to which emotional involvement mediates between…


An affordable, sustainable tourist QoL model: the case study of Appalachian mountain towns

John M. McGrath

This article proposes a model for benchmarking tourism quality of life (QoL) that is practical and affordable to implement by communities of all sizes. The model is tested on a…

Reducing nonpriority queues at theme parks

Noriaki Sakamoto

This study examined the waiting times to board an attraction at a theme park (Tokyo DisneySea in Japan) using a simulation based on measured values. Park visitors often complain…

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