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Ontological structure representation in reusing ODL learning resources

Hazalina Hashim

The purpose of this paper is to reuse learning resources from course module and forum discussion in ODL settings and structure it with ontological representation.

Integrated laboratory experiment setup to empower the engineering education in distance mode

W.A. Rasika Nandana, W.R. de Mel

The purpose of this paper is to introduce an integrated laboratory experiment setup (ILES) to overcome problems encountered in open distance learning (ODL) especially when…


The growth of iRadio OUM as a quality audio learning material provider

Umi Hanim Mohd Ibrahim, Fathinirna Mohd Arshad, Mazlan Zulkifly, Janet Woo Tai Kwan

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the progress of iRadio OUM over the years, the evolution of technology used and its overall significance to OUM’s continual growth…

Open access repositories on open educational resources: Feasibility of adopting the Japanese model for academic libraries

Chew Bee Leng, Kamsiah Mohd Ali, Ch’ng Eng Hoo

Triggered by the advancement of information and communications technology, open access repositories (a variant of digital libraries) is one of the important changes…


Cultural perceptions of online learning: transnational faculty perspectives

Buddhini Gayathri Jayatilleke, Charlotte Gunawardena

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how university academics from three different cultural and linguistic backgrounds perceived their own cultural context and how…


Prioritizing services and facilities in a higher education institution: Importance-satisfaction quadrant and gap analyses

Latifah Abdol Latif, Ramli Bahroom, Mohamad Afzhan Khan Mohamad Khalil

The purpose of this paper is to identify the “selling points” for Open University Malaysia (OUM) to be used in its marketing activities and the “critical points” that OUM…


OER impact study perceived by faculty within ODL framework

Maximus Gorky Sembiring

The purpose of this paper is, first, to scrutinize the determinants of key benefits of open educational resources (OER) to faculty. Second, it is to expose how, in which…

Peer-facilitated discussions to enhance OER-based e-learning

S.P. Karunanayaka, J.C.N. Rajendra, H.U.W. Ratnayake, Som Naidu

The Open University of Sri Lanka implemented a fully online professional development course on open educational resources-based e-learning (OEReL), which adopted a…


Factors leading to effective teaching of MOOCs

Billy Tak-ming Wong

The purpose of this paper is to survey the factors which facilitate effective teaching through massive open online courses (MOOCs).

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