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Quality assessment in crowdsourced classification tasks

Qiong Bu, Elena Simperl, Adriane Chapman, Eddy Maddalena

Ensuring quality is one of the most significant challenges in microtask crowdsourcing tasks. Aggregation of the collected data from the crowd is one of the important steps to…


Intelligence level analysis for crowd networks based on business entropy

Zhouxia Li, Zhiwen Pan, Xiaoni Wang, Wen Ji, Feng Yang

Intelligence level of a crowd network is defined as the expected reward of the network when completing the latest tasks (e.g. last N tasks). The purpose of this paper is to…

Transaction credit in the unstructured crowd transaction network

Zhishuo Liu, Tian Fang, Yao Dongxin, Nianci Kou

Current models of transaction credit in the e-commerce network face many problems, such as the one-sided measurement, low accuracy and insufficient anti-aggression solutions. This…

Adaptive information sharing approach for crowd networks based on two stage optimization

Xiaoni Wang, Zhiwen Pan, Zhouxia Li, Wen Ji, Feng Yang

This paper aims to optimize and evaluating the performance of the crowd networks through analyzing their information sharing patterns. That is, in a crowd network, the qualities…

Minimizing the influence of dynamic rumors based on community structure

Qingqing Wu, Xianguan Zhao, Lihua Zhou, Yao Wang, Yudi Yang

With the rapid development of internet technology, open online social networks provide a broader platform for information spreading. While dissemination of information provides…

Knowledge discovery in sociological databases: An application on general society survey dataset

Zhiwen Pan, Jiangtian Li, Yiqiang Chen, Jesus Pacheco, Lianjun Dai, Jun Zhang

The General Society Survey(GSS) is a kind of government-funded survey which aims at examining the Socio-economic status, quality of life, and structure of contemporary society…

An anomaly detection method to improve the intelligent level of smart articles based on multiple group correlation probability models

Xudong Lu, Shipeng Wang, Fengjian Kang, Shijun Liu, Hui Li, Xiangzhen Xu, Lizhen Cui

The purpose of this paper is to detect abnormal data of complex and sophisticated industrial equipment with sensors quickly and accurately. Due to the rapid development of the…

Expert recommendation in community question answering: a review and future direction

Zhengfa Yang, Qian Liu, Baowen Sun, Xin Zhao

This paper aims to make it convenient for those who have only just begun their research into Community Question Answering (CQA) expert recommendation, and for those who are…




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2017 – 2021

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