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Bridges the crowd: rim chain framework

Pengze Li, Ran Zhang, Lei Liu, Lizhen Cui, Qingzhong Li, Guangpeng Zhou

Science of the Crowd is a new paradigm. The research on the relationship between provision and requirement arising from the behavior of the crowd under the interconnected…

Knowledge payment research: status quo and key issues

Tuotuo Qi, Tianmei Wang, Yanlin Ma, Xinxue Zhou

Knowledge sharing has entered the stage of knowledge payment with the typical models of paid Q&A, live session, paid subscription, course column and community service. Numerous…


Projecting real world into CrowdIntell network: a methodology

Shipeng Wang, Lizhen Cui, Lei Liu, Xudong Lu, Qingzhong Li

The purpose of this paper is to build cyber-physical-psychological ternary fusion crowd intelligence network and realize comprehensive, real, correct and synchronous projection in…

The prediction role of feeling of injustice on network social mobilization: The mediating role of anger and resentment

Jinghuan Zhang, Shan Wang, Wenfeng Zheng, Lei Wang

By drawing on the research paradigm of collective action that occurs in physical space, the present study aims to explore the antecedent predictors of network social mobilization…


An epidemic model for correlated information diffusion in crowd intelligence networks

Yuejiang Li, H. Vicky Zhao, Yan Chen

With the popularity of the internet and the increasing numbers of netizens, tremendous information flows are generated daily by the intelligently interconnected individuals. The…


Smart contract model for complex reality transaction

Tianyu Feng, Xiao Yu, Yueting Chai, Yi Liu

The application of smart contract can greatly reduce transaction costs and improve transaction efficiency. The existing smart contract are expensive, single application scenario…


Collective hybrid intelligence: towards a conceptual framework

Morteza Moradi, Mohammad Moradi, Farhad Bayat, Adel Nadjaran Toosi

Human or machine, which one is more intelligent and powerful for performing computing and processing tasks? Over the years, researchers and scientists have spent significant…




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2017 – 2021

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