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Using reflective, authentic assessments to embed employability skills in higher education

Elizabeth Miller, Iro Konstantinou

Reflection on performance and progress prepares students for workplace environments where self-management is expected, and yet this is something students are not often required to…


Use of ePortfolios for making hiring decisions: a comparison of the results from representatives of large and small businesses

Diane M. Holtzman, Ellen M. Kraft, Emmanuel Small

The purpose of the study was to determine if representatives of small and large businesses in New Jersey believe portfolios would be valuable for evaluating applicants as part of…


A degree of recognition across policing: embedding a degree apprenticeship encompassing work-based research

Ian Pepper, Ian Brown, Paul Stubbs

As the police service across England and Wales moves towards degree-level study for new recruits as a component of recognising the profession of policing, this paper describes and…


A qualitative study on the experiences and challenges of MBA students' engagement with a business research methods module

Chinny Nzekwe-Excel

Undertaking research as part of a business degree qualification undoubtedly enables students to develop practical and life-long skills. Nevertheless, students seem to find it…


Onboarding new hires: recognising mutual learning opportunities

Debora Jeske, Deborah Olson

The onboarding stage of new hires represents a unique opportunity for mutual learning between the new hires and the organisation regardless of the company size. The current paper…


The effectiveness of workplace coaching: a meta-analysis of contemporary psychologically informed coaching approaches

Qing Wang, Yi-Ling Lai, Xiaobo Xu, Almuth McDowall

The authors examine psychologically informed coaching approaches for evidence-based work-applied management through a meta-analysis. This analysis synthesized previous empirical…


Empathic gaze: a study of human resource professionals

Steve Lambert, Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Matteo Venerucci, Mike Taylor

The purpose of this viewpoint paper is to explore the fixation of the eyes of human resource (HR) professionals' when identifying emotions in the context of workplace research and…

Case study on the effects of a disability inclusive mindset in a large biotechnology company

Chase Ochrach, Kathryn Thomas, Brian Phillips, Ngonidzashe Mpofu, Tim Tansey, Stacie Castillo

Employers increasingly seek a competitive advantage through inclusive hiring practices and recruitment of persons with disabilities. Early research indicates when employers…


Designing playful employee experience through serious play–reflections from pre-pandemic corporate learning events in Poland

Monika Sońta

In times of organizational thirst for employee engagement and meaning through designing corporate stories, the aim of this article is to explore and identify key sources (engines…


The nexus of transactional leadership, knowledge sharing behavior and organizational creativity: empirical evidence from construction workers in Jakarta

Bimmo Dwi Baskoro

This research aims to examine the role of knowledge sharing (KS) as mediation in the relationship between transactional leadership (TSL) and organizational creativity (OC) among…

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