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Examining the effects of strategic orientation and motivation on performance and innovation in the production sector of automobile spare parts

Zafer Adiguzel, Fatma Sonmez Cakir

The aim of this study is to evaluate the relationship between innovative climate, strategic orientation, work motivation, business performance and job performance.


Inclusive sustainable business practices in supporting dairy supply chains

Marcela Ciubotaru

Food supply chains are facing significant changes and challenges coming from the need to adopt inclusive business practices and foster sustainable development. The current…

An empirical examination on the links of cross-functional integration of production-marketing, BTO competitiveness and performance

Zhixiang Chen

This paper is to explore how cross-functional integration (CFI) of production-marketing can impact the firm's build-to-order (BTO) competitiveness, marketing performance…

The relationship between distinctive capabilities system, learning orientation, leadership and performance

Marco Arraya

This paper conceptualised the distinctive capabilities system and tested its relationship between small and medium enterprise (SME) non-financial and financial…

The role of market competition for knowledge competencies, R&D and innovation: an empirical analysis for German firms

Shoaib Abdul Basit, Thomas Kuhn, Uwe Cantner

Knowledge competencies and (R&D) activities are one of the most important sources of innovation and have been widely discussed in the literature. In comparison, the role…

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