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Zayed University Students’ Teaching and Learning Beliefs and Preferences: An analysis based on the surface versus deep learning approach

Alan Russell

Analyses of teaching and learning in higher education are increasingly being based on a distinction between surface and deep learning. This distinction is helpful for…

Becoming More Culturally Aware in the University Classroom: Advice from a faculty member teaching in the Gulf Region

Dawn McBride

This article will outline my experiences and offer practical recommendations when teaching in a university classroom when the professor and the students come from vastly different…

Teaching, technology, and the modern classroom

Tim Walters, Steve Lydiatt

One of Zayed University’s publicly articulated missions is to lead higher education in the United Arab Emirates through teaching, learning, research, and outreach and to achieve…

Impact of Active Learning on Performance and Motivation in Female Emirati Students

John Burt

Students entering Zayed University are expected to become active participants in their learning. However, the majority of these students have come from a public education system…


Learner-Centered Outcomes in Subject-Centered Institutions: Metaphors for Muggle Learning

Leon Fulcher

Learner-centered education faces many challenges when introduced to university centers where faculty socialization into subject-centered teaching is the dominant ethos. Three…

Arabic Across the Curriculum in a Bilingual Gulf University

Nagwa Hedaiat

Arabic Across the Curriculum is a broad language support program at Zayed University in the UAE, which has stimulated discussion on several issues concerning Arabic language…

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