Journal of Professional Capital and Community: Volume 7 Issue 4


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Riding the tiger: professional capital and the engagement of Israeli kindergarten teachers with parents' WhatsApp groups

Ornat Turin, Shosh Davidson

The current study examines the ways preschool teachers handle parents' WhatsApp groups. The study explores the associations between professional capital, perception of the…

Bi-directional work-family conflict of home-based teachers in Taiwan during COVID-19: application of job demands-resources model

Chuan-Chung Hsieh, Jyun-Kai Liang, Hui-Chieh Li

Drawing from the conservation of resource theory and the job demands-resources model, this study examines the bi-directional conflicts of work and family during COVID-19, and…

Teachers' perceived sense of well-being through the lens of mattering: reclaiming the sense of community

Ignacio Barrenechea

The concept of well-being has gained attention in the educational literature over time. Teachers around the globe are leaving the profession because they see their well-being…

Collaborating inside and outside the school: together overcoming COVID-19 challenges in Chile

Mauricio Pino-Yancovic, Luis Ahumada, Josefina DeFerrari, Fernanda Correa, Juan Pablo Valenzuela

This research paper explores the value of collaborative inquiry networks of headteachers and curriculum coordinators to cope with 2020's coronavirus pandemic in Chile…

Professional relationships both within and outside the school: barriers and opportunities from an intergenerational perspective

Cecilia Azorín, Antonio Portela, José Miguel Nieto, María Begoña Alfageme

This paper draws on data from a research project that examined the professional relationships that existed between teachers of different generations within an educational setting…

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