Arts and the Market: Volume 12 Issue 1


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Reflections on the impact of informal sector tourism on indigenous Namibian Craft processes

Becky Beamer, Kimberly C. Gleason

The purpose of this study is to use a spreadable form of creative expression, bookwork, to illustrate the encroachment upon the indigenous craft process of Namibian master…

Effects of Big Five personality traits and market mavenship on consumers' intention to spread word-of-mouth in the art context

Verdiana Chieffi, Marco Pichierri, Alessandro M. Peluso, Cristiana Collu, Gianluigi Guido

This study investigates the transmission of art-related aspects (i.e. art products or services and people's experiences at museums) via word-of-mouth (WOM) from a personality…

Sound sellers: musicians' strategies for marketing to industry gatekeepers

Ariel Sanders, Barbara J. Phillips, David E. Williams

The relationship between musicians and the music industry has often been depicted as a dichotomy between creativity and commerce with musicians conflicted between their roles as…

An analysis of celebrity repositioning through reality television

Shradha Kabra, Sumanjit Dass, Sapna Popli

Reality television is a dynamic, profit-making platform that occupies prime-time slots on the television almost all over the world. Despite its immense popularity and influence…

The perspective of artisan vendors' resilience, dedication to product authenticity, and the role of marketing and community: 21st century

Doreen E. Sams, Mary Kay Rickard, Aruna Sadasivan

This study creates new knowledge that addresses issues significant enough to warrant intellectual engagement. It fills a gap in the academic and practitioner literature by…

The inter-generational arts branding of the Star Wars saga: may the myth be with you!

Georgios Patsiaouras

Employing the Star Wars brand as a case study, this paper seeks to critically discuss the importance of comparative mythology for inter-generational branding and consumption…

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