International Journal of Information and Learning Technology: Volume 40 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: The Challenge for the Digital Age: Making Learning a Part of Life

Guest Editors: Ola J. Lindberg

The challenge for the digital age: making learning a part of life

Gerhard Fischer, Johan Lundin, Ola J. Lindberg

The main argument behind this paper is learning in the digital age should not be restricted to creating digital infrastructures for supporting current forms of learning nor taking…


Quality of digital learning experiences – effective, efficient, and appealing designs?

Isa Jahnke

Fischer et al. (2022) present a framework for rethinking education, including broad design components such as learning-on-demand or learning takes place in the context of…

Young people's identities in digital worlds

Camilla Hällgren, Åsa Björk

This conceptual paper takes identity, digital technology, young people and education as a combined starting point and suggests how to research young people’s identity practices in…


Teachers' dilemmatic spaces connected to students' net-based out-of-school activities

Christina Löfving, Anna-Lena Godhe, Johan Lundin

The paper aims to investigate and describe the complex and dynamic dilemmas teachers are facing connected to students' net-based out-of-school activities.

School organisers’ expression on the expansion of the access and application of digital technologies in educational systems

Jussara Reis-Andersson

This paper is aimed at describing and analysing what school organisers express when they network to expand the access and application of digital technologies in educational…


Teaching vocational pupils in their pyjamas: a socio-material perspective on challenges in the age of Covid-19

Sandra Carlsson, Karin K Flensner, Lars Svensson, Sara Willermark

Due to the global outbreak of Covid-19, Swedish teachers in upper secondary education were forced to conduct emergency remote teaching. As of today, there is a stream of research…


Making programming part of teachers' everyday life – Programming affordances and constraints for K-12 mathematics and technology

Niklas Humble, Peter Mozelius

The conducted examination of programming affordances and constraints had the purpose of adding knowledge and value that facilitate the on-going national curricula revision;…

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