Journal of Service Theory and Practice: Volume 33 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Emerging digital technologies and professional services – Current and future research agenda

Guest Editors: Piyush Sharma, Wa Kimmy Chan, Russel Kingshott

When and how digital platforms empower professional services firms: an agility perspective

Yulong (David) Liu, Henry F.L. Chung, Zuopeng (Justin) Zhang, Mian Wu

Drawing on a strategic agility perspective, the authors develop a theoretical framework and empirically examine how digital platform adoption and capability impact business…


Improving KIBS performance using digital transformation: study based on the theory of resources and capabilities

Jorge Alberto Marino-Romero, Pedro R. Palos-Sanchez, Félix Velicia-Martin

The aim of this research is to analyze the success of digital transformation (DT) in the management and performance of organizations. To do so, the role of IT and its ability to…


Flourishing digital technology in professional services firms: multidisciplinary perspectives in India

Ansumalini Panda, Srinivas Subbarao Pasumarti, Suvarna Hiremath

The purpose of this paper is to identify the role of digitalization on the key characteristics of professional service firms (PSFs) that are part of the service sector and…

Difficulties to digitalize: ambidexterity challenges in law firms

Charlotta Kronblad, Johanna E. Pregmark, Rita Berggren

This paper aims to understand what prevents established law firms from embracing digitalization and discusses barriers to solving the emerging ambidexterity problem. Law firms…


Digitalization processes in small professional service firms: drivers, barriers and emerging organisational tensions

Silvio Cardinali, Alessandro Pagano, Elisa Carloni, Marta Giovannetti, Lorenzo Governatori

This study aimed to provide an exploratory analysis of digitalization processes in small professional service firms (SPSFs) by examining their main drivers and barriers and their…


I see myself in my leader: transformational leadership and its impact on employees' technology-mediated knowledge sharing in professional service firms

Mai Nguyen

Knowledge is the main product of professional service firms; therefore, knowledge is the key to success. Due to the nature of this organizational type, management in professional…

Finding a fit between CXO’s experience and AI usage in CXO decision-making: evidence from knowledge-intensive professional service firms

Poojitha Kondapaka, Sayantan Khanra, Ashish Malik, Muneza Kagzi, Kannan Hemachandran

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications’ usage in Chief Officers’ (CXOs’) decision-making is a topic of current research interest. A fundamental dilemma is carefully planning an…

The writing is on the wall: predicting customers' evaluation of customer-firm interactions using computerized text analysis

Caitlin Ferreira, Jeandri Robertson, Raeesah Chohan, Leyland Pitt, Tim Foster

This methodological paper demonstrates how service firms can use digital technologies to quantify and predict customer evaluations of their interactions with the firm using…

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