Aslib Journal of Information Management: Volume 72 Issue 1


Library and Information Science

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The topic of terrorism on Yahoo! Answers: questions, answers and users’ anonymity

Alton Y.K. Chua, Snehasish Banerjee

The purpose of this paper is to explore the use of community question answering sites (CQAs) on the topic of terrorism. Three research questions are investigated: what are…

Factors and their relationships in measuring the progress of open government

Eun G. Park, Wankeun Oh

The purpose of this paper is to examine the main factors influencing government openness, develop a global government openness index (GGOI) for assessing the progress of…

Searching and deleting: youth, impression management and online traces of search

Cecilia Andersson

The purpose of this paper is to explore and analyse how young people conceptualise online traces of search and what strategies they have for dealing with them.

What prompts users to click on news headlines? Evidence from unobtrusive data analysis

Tingting Jiang, Qian Guo, Shunchang Chen, Jiaqi Yang

The headlines of online news are created carefully to influence audience news selection today. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationships between news…

On the challenges ahead of spatial scientometrics focusing on the city level

György Csomós

Spatial bibliometrics and scientometrics have traditionally focused on examining both country and regional levels; however, in recent years, numerous spatial analyses on…

An empirical analysis of search engines’ response to web search queries associated with the classroom setting

Oghenemaro Anuyah, Ashlee Milton, Michael Green, Maria Soledad Pera

The purpose of this paper is to examine strengths and limitations that search engines (SEs) exhibit when responding to web search queries associated with the grade school…

Knowledge management processes, knowledge worker satisfaction, and organizational performance: Symmetric and asymmetrical analysis

Umar Farooq Sahibzada, Jianfeng Cai, Khawaja Fawad Latif, Hassam Farooq Sahibzada

Drawing on the knowledge-based view, the purpose of this paper is to investigate the interrelationship between Knowledge Management (KM) processes, Knowledge Worker…

Factors hindering shared files retrieval

Ofer Bergman, Tamar Israeli, Steve Whittaker

Personal information management (PIM) is an activity in which people store information items in order to retrieve them later. The purpose of this paper is to test and…

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