Aslib Journal of Information Management: Volume 71 Issue 4


Library and Information Science

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Derivations of design concepts for video search interfaces

Cliff Loke, Schubert Foo, Shaheen Majid

Keywords search is intuitive, simple to use and convenient. It is also the de facto input interface for textual and multimedia retrieval. However, individuals often…

Knowledge management and academic information behaviour: A preliminary study of metaliteracy among junior faculty staff in the digital environment

Marek Deja, Dorota Rak

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of metaliteracy on collaborative and individual information behaviour (IB) among academic staff. The goal is to…

Information encountering and sharing behaviour of research students in an online environment

Waqar Ahmad Awan, Kanwal Ameen, Saira Hanif Soroya

Information behaviour exists in two forms: first when information is sought with a clear purpose and second, when we encounter it accidentally or serendipitiously. The…

Modeling the interplay of information seeking and information sharing: A conceptual analysis

Reijo Savolainen

The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the creation of a holistic picture of information behavior by examining the connections between information seeking and sharing.

Exploring adaptive information sharing from the perspective of cognitive switching: The moderating effect of task self-efficacy

Xianjin Zha, Haijuan Yang, Yalan Yan, Guanxiang Yan, Chengsong Huang, Kunfeng Liu

Microblogging as one kind of social media application provides an important information sharing platform. Adaptive information sharing is the combination of adaptive…

Understanding social impact of data on local communities

Ayoung Yoon, Andrea Copeland

The purpose of this paper is to understand the social impact of data on communities from cases of community data utilization.

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