Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management: Volume 2 Issue 2

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Business ethics and workplace guanxi in Chinese SOEs: a qualitative study

Jessica Li, Jean Madsen

The purpose of this paper is to examine Chinese employees' perceptions on their ethical decision making in relation to the workplace guanxi context in state‐owned…


Labour market regulations and informal employment in China: To what extent are workers protected?

FangLee Cooke

The purpose of this paper is to chart the sharp rise of informal employment in urban China in the last decade. It investigates the role of labour market regulations in…


Entrepreneurial leadership, human capital management, and global competitiveness: An empirical study of Taiwanese MNCs

Ya‐Hui Ling, Bih‐Shiaw Jaw

The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationships among top management teams' (TMS) entrepreneurial leadership, international human capital management (IHCM), and…


Evaluating management training and development in a cross‐cultural context: A stakeholder approach

Sun Xiao, Catharine Ross, Jonathan Liu

The purpose of this paper is to address the challenge in evaluating China's overseas management training and development (MTD) in cross‐cultural settings. It examines the…




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2010 – 2019


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