American Journal of Business: Volume 18 Issue 1


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The Social Responsibility of Corporate Management: A Classical Critique

Philip R. P. Coelho, James E. McClure, John A. Spry

Calls for corporate social responsibility are widespread, yet there is no consensus about what it means; this may be its charm. However, it is possible to distinguish the fi…


A Response to “The Social Responsibility of Corporate Management: A Classical Critique”

Frederick R. Post

The preceding article, “The Social Responsibility of Corporate Management: A Classical Critique,” argues that the Shareholder Theory, which the authors refer to as the “Friedman…


The Enron Scandal and the Neglect of Management Integrity Capacity

Joseph A. Petrick, Robert F. Scherer

The nature, value, and neglect of integrity capacity by managers and the adverse impacts that Enron executive practices have had on a range of stakeholders are delineated. An…


Investing with a Conscience: An Evaluation of the Risk‐Adjusted Performance of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

Ed Edwards, Ajay Samant

This study evaluates risk‐adjusted performance of socially responsible mutual funds during the period 1991‐2000, using objective statistical measures grounded in modern portfolio…

Environmental Concerns, Effort and Impact: An Empirical Study

Nazim U. Ahmed, Ray V. Montagno, Douglas W. Naffziger

This study investigates the relationship between environmental concern, environmental effort and their impact on company performance. Results based on survey data from sixty…

Bankruptcy Prediction: The Case of the CLECS

Cecilia Wagner Ricci

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 led to the creation of the competitive local exchange carriers, known as CLECS (pronounced sea‐lecks). Despite a strong beginning and great…

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