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Factors influencing the investors’ intention to adopt Takaful (Islamic insurance) products: A survey of Pakistan

Hafiz Ali Hassan, Sayyed Khawar Abbas

The research paper is an effort to find out the behavior of Pakistani individuals toward usage of Takaful insurance. This paper aims to identify the factors, which influence…


Muslims’ willingness to pay for certified halal food: an extension of the theory of planned behaviour

Mohammad Iranmanesh, Maryam Mirzaei, Seyed Mehrshad Parvin Hosseini, Suhaiza Zailani

The purpose of this paper is to extent the theory of planned behaviour (TPB), when extended by self-identity and religious commitment (RC), and is able to predict Muslim…


The influence of halal orientation strategy on financial performance of halal food firms: Halal culture as a moderator

Suhaiza Zailani, Mohammad Iranmanesh, Shima Jafarzadeh, Behzad Foroughi

Although the halal orientation strategy (HOS) plays a key role in protecting the halal status of any product, research on the impacts of HOS on the financial performance of halal…


Nexus between customer preference and operation of conventional banks Islamic windows in Pakistan

Malik Shahzad Shabbir

The purpose of this study is to investigate the nexus between preferences of customers toward operations of Islamic windows from conventional banks. However, financial institution…

Loyalty towards Islamic banking: service quality, emotional or religious driven?

Dwi Suhartanto, Christopher Gan, Ira Siti Sarah, Setiawan Setiawan

This paper aims to integrate and examine three loyalty routes (i.e. service quality, emotional attachment and religiosity) in developing customer loyalty towards Islamic banking.


Attitude: mediator of subjective norm, religiosity and intention to adopt Islamic banking

Juma Bananuka, Musa Kasera, Grace Muganga Najjemba, Doreen Musimenta, Bob Ssekiziyivu, Saadat Nakyejwe Lubowa Kimuli

The purpose of this paper is to report on the results of a study carried out to examine the mediating effect of attitude in the relationship between subjective norm, religiosity…


Implications of marketing Jordan as a Halal tourism destination

Salem Harahsheh, Rafa Haddad, Majd Alshorman

The purpose of this paper is to build a better understanding of the concept of Halal tourism as expressed by Muslim Jordanian tourists who want to comply with the Islamic law. The…


The relationship between halal traceability system adoption and environmental factors on halal food supply chain integrity in Malaysia

Norasekin Ab Rashid, Jamil Bojei

Muslim consumers have been shocked with the news of cross-contamination issues in the Halal food that they consumed. These issues make them put more effort in ensuring the…


Realising financial inclusion in Islamic finance

Akilu Aliyu Shinkafi, Sani Yahaya, Tijjani Alhaji Sani

The purpose of this paper is to evolve a theoretical account that highlights the determinations for achieving financial inclusion in Islamic finance.


The antecedents and consequences of online relationship quality in internet purchases

Mohammad Reza Kousheshi, Samad Aali, Ali Reza Bafandeh Zendeh, Soleyman Iranzadeh

The purpose of this paper is to suggest a model for predicting antecedents and consequences of relationship quality in online purchase of physical goods.

Literacy experiment of Islamic financing to non-Muslim small and micro business

Afred Suci, Hardi Hardi

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the changes in Islamic financing literacy and draw a comparison between the intentions of Muslim and non-Muslim micro and small…

The role of service quality within Indonesian customers satisfaction and loyalty and its impact on Islamic banks

Nur Asnawi, Badri Munir Sukoco, Muhammad Asnan Fanani

Loyalty among customers is the baseline for services to use to grow and sustain their competitive advantage, particularly in the banking industry. There are two primary objectives…


Overcoming the social problems faced by contemporary Acehnese through the social political role of Acehnese clerics (Muslim scholars)

Tengku Muhammad Jamil

The purpose of this study is to critically understand and find out the socio-political role of the Acehnese ulamas (Muslim scholars) in solving and coping with social issues faced…

Factors persuade individuals’ behavioral intention to opt for Islamic bank services: Malaysian depositors’ perspective

Anwar Bin Allah Pitchay, Mohamed Asmy Bin Mohd Thas Thaker, Zubir Azhar, Al Amin Mydin, Hassanudin Bin Mohd Thas Thaker

The sustainable development of Islamic banking services has motivated a significant number of depositors to choose Islamic bank services instead of the conventional bank. There…

The prospects of Islamic banking in Southeast of Nigeria

Precious Chikezie Ezeh, Anayo D. Nkamnebe

With the increasing presence of Islamic banking to Nigeria’s banking space and its relative success in the predominantly Muslim Northern region, the question of its prospect in…

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