International Journal of Event and Festival Management: Volume 8 Issue 2


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How do we keep them coming back? A look at individual factors impacting attendee satisfaction and intention to return to festivals

Jennifer Angela Pope, Paul Isely, Busuyi Agbetunsin

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the factors that influence the level of satisfaction or festival attendees and how that influences their intention to return. The impact of…


Sport participation behaviours of spectators attending major sports events and event induced attitudinal changes towards sport

Girish Ramchandani, Richard J. Coleman, Jerry Bingham

Evidence of the link between major sports events and increased participation at grassroots level is somewhat mixed. The purpose of this paper is to examine attitudinal changes to…


Athlete satisfaction with a major multi-sport event: the importance of social and cultural aspects

Eric MacIntosh, Milena Parent

In a major multi-sport event, the athlete is both a benefactor and producer of organizational activities. Athletes’ centrality makes understanding their satisfaction with the…


Towards an adapted MHP strategic capabilities model for moderating challenges to quality music festival management

Alan Simon, Alastair Parker, Gary Stockport, Amrik Sohal

The music festival industry is challenged by intense competition and financial exigency. As a result, many festivals have either folded or are currently struggling. Therefore, the…


Understanding hallmark event failure: a case study of a Swedish music festival

Anders Nordvall, Tobias Heldt

Hallmark events can be very beneficial for host communities, not least due to their potential in attracting tourists. The Peace & Love music festival was the hallmark event of the…


Evaluating the brand image of a rock festival using positive critical incidents

Maarit Kinnunen, Kerttu Uhmavaara, Maiju Jääskeläinen

Since effective and successful branding increases the popularity and loyalty of the festival, and its economic success factors like positive media coverage and sponsors’ interest…


Segmenting beyond behavioural intentions: Fine tuning music festival visitors’ music appreciation

Martinette Kruger, Melville Saayman

The purpose of this paper is to determine whether a music festival leads to additional intangible benefits such as the appreciation of the specific music genre and music tourism…

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