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Visitor emotional solidarity, segmentation and revisit intentions amidst COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from Panafest and emancipation festivals in Ghana

Vincent Asimah, Ratih Hurriyati, Vanessa Gaffar, Lili Adi Wibowo

This study examines the effect of festival visitors' emotional solidarity and segmentation on revisiting intentions to Ghana for the Panafest/Emancipation festivals during the…

Measurement model of the projected and perceived image through the organizational identity of the Volvo Ocean Race Brazil event

Lígia Najdzion, Sara Joana Gadotti dos Anjos, Vitor Roslindo Kuhn, Francisco Antonio dos Anjos

World Tourism Organization (WTO) recognizes image as the main aspect to be considered by a destination in its promotion and marketing process. Cities try to build valued and…

Parents' attending status and alcohol consumption on family cohesion and satisfaction at art festivals

Yi Liu, Jason Draper, Juan M. Madera, D. Christopher Taylor

This study explores the effects of parents' attending status and alcohol consumption (scenario based) on their feelings of happiness, relaxation, family cohesion and family…

Determinants of visitors' festival satisfaction and subjective well-being: tracing the roles of place attachment and satisfaction

K. Thirugnanasambantham, Pillai K. Rajasekharan, Vidya Patwardhan, G. Raghavendra, Shreelatha Rao

India has a marvelous distinction of hosting religious and cultural extravaganzas on an enormous scale, keeping in with its rich lineage and civilizational assortment. The…


“Our festival, Their festival”: the local perceptions of festival sustainability in Zanzibar festival portfolio

Dev Jani

The purpose of this paper is to explore local residents' perceptions of sustainability of different festivals making festival portfolio in Zanzibar.

The trend of Japanese pop culture and its differentiating approach through event tourism

Filipe Segurado Severino, Francisco Silva

This study focuses on analysing Japanese pop culture events to determine whether they may be useful marketing tools for a location with a distinctive culture from where they are…


Sensation seeking and conspicuous consumption in event-based activities: the mediation role of fear of missing out (FoMO)

Mehmet Tahir Dursun, Metin Argan, Mehpare Tokay Argan, Halime Dinç

Numerous studies have looked at why people attend events which engage in conspicuous consumerism, but they have neglected the fear of missing out on these event-based experiences…

Examining multiple mediation of escapism and ethnic food experience in the relationship between diversity and behavioral intentions: the case of Vietnam

Emrah Köksal Sezgin, Abdullah Tanrısevdi, Ahu Sezgin

The study aims to examine the mediating effects of escapism (ESC) and ethnic food experience (EFE) in the relationship between diversity (DIV) and behavioral intentions (BI) of…

Exploring literary festivals in Ireland

Mary McGuckin

The purpose of this paper is to explore the origins and management of literary festivals in Ireland from the perspective of their founders or those involved in managing these…

Investigating the recovery of community events in Scotland, post-COVID-19

Nick Davies, Lindsay Robbins, Daniel Baxter, Maren Viol, Alannah Graham, Aleksandra Halas

Community events are significant for building community identity and cohesion. During 2020–2021, events largely halted due to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and many…

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