International Journal of Innovation Science: Volume 10 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the HEI Sector

Guest Editors: João J. Ferreira

Promoting entrepreneurial intention through a higher education program integrated in an entrepreneurship ecosystem

Julia Ferrandiz, Pilar Fidel, Andrea Conchado

The purpose of this paper is to improve the current knowledge of the effects of a higher education program for entrepreneurs, integrated in an entrepreneurial ecosystem, in the…


Entrepreneurial intentions and entrepreneurship in European countries

Sergio Jesus Teixeira, Carla Maria Lopes Casteleiro, Ricardo Gouveia Rodrigues, Maria Dulce Guerra

This study aims to pursue better understanding and investigation of the factor that can have an impact on the level of entrepreneurial activity. To achieve this, statistical…


Entrepreneurial intentions of private university students in the kingdom of Bahrain

Minwir Al-Shammari, Rana Waleed

This study aims to explore the level of entrepreneurial intentions (EIs) among students in three private universities in Bahrain. The examined factors that are expected to shape…

Entrepreneurship education, gender and family background as antecedents on the entrepreneurial orientation of university students

Carla S.E. Marques, Gina Santos, Anderson Galvão, Carla Mascarenhas, Elsa Justino

This study aims to evaluate the impact of entrepreneurship education (EE) on the entrepreneurial orientation (EO) of higher education students, as mediated by gender and family…


Factors and maturity level of entrepreneurial universities in Spain

Nekane Errasti, María-José Bezanilla, Ana García-Olalla, Elena Auzmendi, Jessica Paños

The entrepreneurial university is being widely studied, given its importance as an agent in economic and social development. This paper presents the findings of a study that had a…

Entrepreneurial intention and the effects of entrepreneurial education: Differences among management, engineering, and accounting students

Diego Passoni, Rafael Bianchini Glavam

The purpose of this paper is to compare the levels of entrepreneurial intention (EI) among academics from different fields of university knowledge and to evaluate the effect of…

Strategic entrepreneurship based model of latecomer university

Mikhail Kozlov

The purpose of the paper was to help resolve the problem if only the universities possessing strategic entrepreneurship manage to advance significantly in their global ranking…

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