Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care: Volume 1 Issue 2


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Equality and diversity as a way of delivering the wider health and social care agenda

Blair McPherson

The author argues that equality of opportunity is the core value underpinning the public sector. It is the big idea that staff and managers can get behind and use to turn NHS…

The cure for prevention is cultural sensitivity

Yolande Watson

In a prelude to a series of papers on the topic of prevention, the author argues that the current Government's investment in prevention is a waste of resources without integrating…

Asian martial arts and resiliency

Carl Bell

This article reviews characteristics of resilience and various types of Asian martial arts and illustrates how Asian martial arts help to cultivate resiliency. Cultivation of…

Advantageous inequality or disadvantageous equality? Ethnicity and family support among older people in Britain

Rosalind Willis

There is a popular perception that particular ethnic groups have a stronger sense of filial responsibility than is found in Western European societies, which has led to a belief…

‘A specialist refuge space of my own’: black, minority ethnic and refugee women, housing and domestic violence

Aisha Gill, Baljit Banga

This paper argues that there is a need for an independent specialist women's refuge sector to address the housing needs of BMER (Black, minority ethnic and refugee) women. It will…

A comparative study of stress and unmet needs in carers of South Asian and white adults with learning disabilities

John Devapriam, Catherine Thorp, Freya Tyrer, Satheesh Gangadharan, Lammata Raju, Sabyasachi Bhaumik

People with learning disabilities have high dependency needs and high prevalence of physical, psychological and social morbidities. Some studies have shown that South Asian and…

From temple to table: an innovative community health and lifestyle intervention aimed at a South Asian community

C Coe, S Boardman

This paper describes the early development of a health and lifestyle initiative, the Apnee Sehat project, located at the heart of a South Asian community and developed in…

What does the hatred/fear of the veil hide?

Meena Dhanda

This paper explores the confusion in values that underpin the stereotyping of ‘the Muslim woman’. From the point of view of the ‘woman who veils’, it addresses the idea of…



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