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Human health impacts of climate change as a catalyst for public engagement: Combining medical, economic and behavioural insights

Cassandra Pillay, Jeroen van den Bergh

This paper aims to clarify the relationship between climate change, its negative impacts on human health and its role in catalysing public engagement for climate policies. It aims…


Evolutionary urban climate resilience: assessment of Seoul’s policies

Taedong Lee, Taehwa Lee

Ongoing climate risks require all levels of society to be resilient. Urban areas, which are densely developed with huge levels of population and infrastructure, are critical…

Comparing South Korea and Germany’s official development assistance projects in climate protection in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam

Donata Bessey, Michelle Palumbarit

This explorative study aims to compare and analyze the behavior of a traditional and an emerging donor, namely, Germany and South Korea, in the field of climate change-related…

Governance and climate variability in Chinchiná River, Colombia

Erika Cristina Acevedo, Sandra Turbay, Margot Hurlbert, Martha Helena Barco, Kelly Johanna Lopez

This paper aims to assess whether governance processes that are taking place in the Chinchiná River basin, a coffee culture region in the Andean region of Colombia, are adaptive…

Building urban climate resilience through community-driven approaches to development: Experiences from Asia

Diane Archer

This paper aims to explore how the implementation of community-driven approaches to improve the living conditions of the urban poor can also have positive co-benefits for…

Comfort and buildings: climate change vulnerability and strategies

Ricardo Barbosa, Romeu Vicente, Rui Santos

This paper aims to investigate vulnerability factors that influence thermal comfort in residential buildings in the context of climate change and variability, as well as adaptive…

Assessment of risk premium in farm technology adoption as a climate change adaptation strategy in the dryland systems of India

Krishna Reddy Kakumanu, Palanisami Kuppanan, C.R. Ranganathan, Kumar Shalander, Haileslassie Amare

Changing climate has increasingly become a challenge for smallholder farmers. Identification of technical, institutional and policy interventions as coping and adaptation…

Trends of climate change in the Lower Indus Basin region of Pakistan: Future implications for agriculture

Mustafa Nawaz Shafqat, Amtul Samie Maqbool, Syed Ali Musstjab Akber Shah Eqani, Raza Ahmed, Haroon Ahmed

Lower Indus Basin (LIB) region is the food basket of Pakistan, and climatic variation in response to global warming might severely affect the crop production and, thus, food…

Robust strategies of climate change mitigation in interacting energy, economy and land use systems

Marian Leimbach, Maryse Labriet, Markus Bonsch, Jan Philipp Dietrich, Amit Kanudia, Ioanna Mouratiadou, Alexander Popp, David Klein

Bioenergy is a key component of climate change mitigation strategies aiming at low stabilization. Its versatility and capacity to generate negative emissions when combined with…

Effectiveness of integrated low-carbon technologies: Evidence from a pilot agricultural experiment in Shanghai

Chunzeng Fan, Taoyuan Wei

Constructing a low-carbon agriculture (LCA) park is considered an effective means to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in developing countries. This study aims to explore the…

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