International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences: Volume 11 Issue 4


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Reducing global supply chains’ waste of overproduction by using lean principles: A conceptual approach

Chi-Kuang Chen, Fernando Palma, Lidia Reyes

This paper aims to present a lean management approach to reduce waste generated by overproduction within a global supply chain setting. Statistics register a considerable increase…


Listening to the voice of students, developing a service quality measuring and evaluating framework for a special course

Zsuzsanna Eszter Tóth, Vivien Surman

The purpose of this paper is to propose a service quality measuring and evaluating framework for courses that are not part of the regular end-of-semester course evaluation system…

Team learning capability – an instrument for innovation ambidexterity?

Victoria Helen Batt-Rawden, Gudbrand Lien, Terje Slåtten

The aim of this paper is to develop the concept of team learning capability in professional service firms. Thereafter, to examine the effect of team learning capability on…

Investigating the view of quality management success factors amongst future early career operations leaders

Alireza Shokri

The study aims to investigate the gap between the current vision and knowledge of future early career operations leaders (OL) and common strategic total quality management (TQM…

A conceptual cooperative model designed for processes, digitalisation and innovation

Daniel Sehlin, Maja Truedsson, Peter Cronemyr

Digital transformations are changing society, and they force industries to react to the market more frequently. Managers are aware of new technical demands, which increase the…


Understanding the antecedents of car sharing usage: an empirical study in Italy

Roberta Guglielmetti Mugion, Martina Toni, Laura Di Pietro, Maria Giovina Pasca, Maria F. Renzi

Sustainable mobility and collaborative consumption are debated issues in the literature. In this field, car sharing (CS) represents a growing tendency that attracts interest by…

Towards the “Homo Deus” excellence perspective?: Investigating the potential use of neuroscientific findings for quality in “Smart” services

Loukas N. Anninos

The evolution of management underlines the importance of the human, systemic, technological and contingency element and their interaction along with an amplified awareness of…

The quality of service in urban public transport in Algeria

Bencherif Houria, Boubakour Farès

The Algerian transport sector has undergone profound changes in recent decades with its privatization. Transport sector liberalization has achieved its primary objectives aimed at…

Determining the impact of e-commerce quality on customers’ perceived risk, satisfaction, value and loyalty

Ιoannis Tzavlopoulos, Katerina Gotzamani, Andreas Andronikidis, Chris Vassiliadis

The quality assessment of e-commerce services is of particular research interest, as it has been widely found that quality is directly linked to customer satisfaction and loyalty…


Health-related quality management values – comparing manager and co-worker perceptions

Ingela Bäckström

The purpose of this paper was to modify an existing survey that measures co-worker perceptions of health-related quality management (QM) values and perceived health and to measure…

Gender in service quality expectations in hospitals: The role of cognitive and affective components

Taghreed Abu-Salim, Nermeen Mustafa, Okey Peter Onyia, Alastair William Watson

Despite evidence largely confirming gender-based differences in service quality perceptions in healthcare, little research has considered patients’ expectations. This study aims…

Short-term and long-term quality of service

Jukka Ojasalo

The purpose of this study is to introduce concepts for understanding and managing short- and long-term development of customer satisfaction related to service quality.

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