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Narrative approach to corporate strategy: empirical foundations

Michael Carriger

This paper aims to present theoretical and empirical foundations for the use of a particular type of narrative skillfully deployed by senior leaders in an organization as an…

A generic conceptualization of the cultural distance index: Application to Schwartz's and Hofstede's frameworks

Hamid Yeganeh

This article aims at offering and validating a theory‐driven conceptualization of the cultural distance index.


Firms' customer responsiveness: relationships with competition, market growth, and performance

Anders Pehrsson

The purpose of this paper is to examine important relationships pertaining to customer responsiveness of the industrial firm.


Patenting as a competitive tactic in multipoint competition

Richard Reed, Susan F. Storrud‐Barnes

The paper's aim is to build a model that predicts the optimum tactics for capitalizing on inventions within the context of competitive interaction among large firms. For…

Evolution of industries based on systemic technologies: How demand environment influences firm investment strategy?

Lalit Manral

The extant “supply‐side” frameworks of industry evolution fail to predict the evolutionary patterns in industries based on systemic technologies. This paper aims to describe the…

Social capital and dynamic capabilities in international performance of SMEs

José Carlos M.

The major goals of this paper are twofold: first, it aims to explore the link between social capital (structural, relational and cognitive) and the exploitative and explorative…


Successful strategy making in Bupa not‐for‐profit provident: A case study and interview with Mr Ray King, chief executive of Bupa

Abby Ghobadian, Nicholas O'Regan

The focus of extant strategy literature is on for‐profit organisations and within these group public organisations. There are other forms of organisations and following the deep…

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