Journal of Strategy and Management: Volume 12 Issue 3


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The dynamics of financial information and non-financial environmental, social and governance information in the strategic decision-making process

Martin Esch, Mike Schulze, Andreas Wald

The purpose of this paper is to link the fields of research on strategic decision (SD) making and integrated reporting (IR) and advances knowledge of the concept of integrated…


Impact of job satisfaction and job stress on employees’ life in Mumbai’s hospitality sector: An empirical study using SEM

Indrajit Goswami, Nigel Raylyn Dsilva

Employee stress and job satisfaction are significant issues in the hospitality industry. Moreover, employee stress has cost implications on the stakeholders, i.e. employers and…


On a correlative and evolutionary SWOT analysis

Charis Vlados

The purpose of this paper is to counter-propose a new approach of SWOT analysis, which can be used in the strategic planning of the contemporary organizations.


The role of corporate controls and business-level strategy in business unit performance

Pouya Seifzadeh, W. Glenn Rowe

Corporate controls are mechanisms that corporations use to ensure that the processes and/or outcomes of their business units meet corporate expectations. Challenges in measurement…


The emergent-strategy process of initiating organizational ambidexterity

Sabyasachi Sinha

Firm ambidexterity usually has been discussed as a top-down planned strategic choice. The purpose of this paper is to showcase it is not always so; it may also be emergent as well…

Organizational sustainability: a redefinition?

Nur Fadiah Mohd Zawawi, Sazali Abd Wahab

The purpose of this paper is to redefine the concept of organizational sustainability by assimilating corporate spirituality into the concept of the triple bottom line (TBL).


Do CEO characteristics explain firm performance in India?

Rupinder Kaur, Balwinder Singh

The center of concern of this empirical paper is the connection between chief executive officer (CEO) characteristics and firm performance. The paper aims to discuss this issue.

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