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A centralized platform of open government data as support to applications in the smart cities context

Daniel Ianegitz Vieira, Alexandre Alvaro

The development of smart cities (SCs) is a costly process as it requires the implementation of physical infrastructure to meet the demand for data collection. On the other hand…

Sentiment extraction and classification for the analysis of users’ interest in tweets

Alfredo Milani, Niyogi Rajdeep, Nimita Mangal, Rajat Kumar Mudgal, Valentina Franzoni

This paper aims to propose an approach for the analysis of user interest based on tweets, which can be used in the design of user recommendation systems. The extract topics are…


Community-based replica management in distributed systems

Masoud Nosrati, Mahmood Fazlali

One of the techniques for improving the performance of distributed systems is data replication, wherein new replicas are created to provide more accessibility, fault tolerance and…

Minimal implications base for social network analysis

Paula Raissa, Sérgio Dias, Mark Song, Luis Zárate

Currently, social network (SN) analysis is focused on the discovery of activity and social relationship patterns. Usually, these relationships are not easily and completely…

Accomm: adaptive system for supply network operational planning

Luis Fernando Morales-Alzate, Clara Solano-Vanegas, Angela Carrillo-Ramos, Jairo Montoya-Torres, Ramon Fabregat, Jaime A. Pavlich-Mariscal

This paper aims to present Accomm a software implementation of Ágora-SN, a supply network (SN) customer-oriented model integrated with an Adaptation Model. Accomm serves two…

A new user interface for a text proofreading web portal in a digitization and crowdsourcing context

Pietro Murano

This paper aims to present a new user interface design for text proofreading portals in a digitization and crowdsourcing context. Several of the current proofreading portals lack…

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