Interactive Technology and Smart Education: Volume 1 Issue 4


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A VR‐based shared web system for distance education

Timothy K Shih, Ya‐Fung Chang, Hun‐Hui Hsu, Ying‐Hong Wang, Yung‐Hui Chen

Distance education has been an important research issue of multimedia computing and communication. Since the instructional activities are implemented on cyberspace, how to control…

Using empirical data to clarify the meaning of various prescriptions for designing a web‐based course

Marie‐Michèle Boulet

Design prescriptions to create web‐based courses and sites that are dynamic, easy‐to‐use, interactive and data‐driven, emerge from a “how to do it” approach. Unfortunately, the…

A decision support prototype tool for predicting student performance in an ODL environment

S B Kotsiantis, P E Pintelas

Machine Learning algorithms fed with data sets which include information such as attendance data, test scores and other student information can provide tutors with powerful tools…

Experimentally assessing a resource‐effective design for ODL environments

Athanasis Karoulis, Panagiotis Sfetsos, Ioannis Stamelos, Lefteris Angelis, Andreas Pombortsis

This study is concerned with the formal assessment of a Distance Learning Environment (DLE) created to deliver a course on UML sequence diagrams to university‐level students…

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