Asian Journal on Quality: Volume 6 Issue 1


Managing Quality

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Organisational Self‐Assesssment for Six Sigma Initiative

Young‐Taek Park, Hyun‐Jung Kang

Six sigma is much less of a technical program than it is a leadership and cultural change program. Nevertheless, most of literatures on six sigma have mainly focused on…

Identifying Satisfiers and Dissatisfiers in the Service Encounter

Edvardsson, Bo, Nilsson‐Witell, Lars

Service attributes are important for customer perceptions of service quality. However, in spite of huge amount of research, the role of service attributes as satisfiers…

Research on the Operational Performance of ISO 14000‐Certified Taiwan’s Manufacturers

Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Yau‐Wen Hsu

This research topic evaluates the effectiveness and importance of environmental protection in the 21st century in light of the increasing demand on the earth’s natural…

Analyses on the Pricing Factors from a Case Study of Light Trucks

Feng Ling, Yoshikazu Ojima, Tomomichi Suzuki

The purpose of this paper is to clarify analytically the relation between the characteristics and the pricing of the products of individual manufacturers, so we can offer…

Enhancing Quality Teaching in Operations Management: An Action Learning Approach

Richard C.M. Yam, Kit Fai Pun

Action learning motivates students to solve open‐ended problems by “developing skills through doing’. This paper reviews the concept of action learning and discusses the…

Comparison of Relative Risk before and after SEMI S2‐93A Implementation: Using a Semiconductor Plant in a Taiwan’s Science Park as an Example

Shiaw‐Wen Tien, Yi‐Chan Chung, Chih‐Hung Tsai, Guo‐Ji Hwang

The objective of this study is to evaluate the equipment risk before and after SEMI S2‐93A implementation, thus providing a guideline for safety improvement. Semiconductor…

A Methodology for Integrating Business Process and Simulation for Business Process Redesign

Joong‐In Kim, Dong‐Soon Yim, Jung‐Sang Choi, Keun‐Chong Kim

IDEF0 is the IEEE standard for functional enterprise modeling and has been used for business process modeling or process mapping in US and Europe. But it does not reflect…

Expanding the Concept of Quality Management to Global Supply Chains

Peter Neergaard, Esben Rahbek Pedersen

In the light of globalisation and the international division of labour, the article will stress the importance of a new conception of quality management, focusing more on…

Robust Parameter Design via Taguchi’s Approach and Neural Network

Jeh‐Hsin Tsai, Iuan‐Yuan Lu

The parameter design is the most emphasized measure by researchers for a new products development. It is critical for makers to achieve simultaneously in both the…



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